3507 Studio Recording is a small ’boutique’ studio based on the outskirts of Preston, Lancashire run by Producer/Engineer Nick Sagar.

Although never having ambitions to be a full-time commercial studio, 3507 is intended as a place where emerging, as well as more established, artists and bands can create, develop and realise their work in a relaxed, friendly and non-pressured environment.

While initially started as a place for Nick to not only create soundscapes and recordings for his successful theatre sound design career, but also as a space to write and record his own work, 3507 has steadily become a hub for young artists looking for a change from the usual ‘sausage factory’ approach found in many of the larger studios.

The onus is much more on a creative process rather than a timed session (and the often high cost that goes with it) and so while Nick is an experienced engineer, it’s what he brings as a Producer that is the heart of 3507. So if you are just looking for somewhere to record your tracks with no input or collaboration then 3507 is probably not the place for you – but if you want to develop your material with someone who has over 30 years of experience and wants to help bring out the full potential then 3507 may be the perfect place.

3507 obviously isn’t a big studio but there is plenty of room for a small band to record in comfort across both the booth room (usually used for live drum tracking, vocals and amp mixing) and the control room (complete with comfy sofa)

It is Logic Pro Audio based setup utilising Universal Audio, Lion Audio and GAP Preamps, along with a MIDAS digital console with XL4 Pro preamps. The studio has recently been upgraded with a 500 series rack containing additional preamps, Midas EQ channels, DBX560A compressor and Lindell Audio 7×500 (1176-style) compressor in addition to a 1176 clone compressor.

Mics include Neumann TLM 102, Reslo RBL (50s ribbon mic as used by The Beatles), SE Electronics SE8 matched pair mics, Shure SM7, Sennheiser E609, Shure SM58, Shure SM57 as well as various dynamic and condenser mics.

Available instruments include an upright Collard & Collard piano, midi controller keyboards, Acoustic, Electric & Bass guitars, as well as small drum pads, various percussion and other controller instruments.

Unlike conventional commercial studios, 3507 is a boutique studio that works directly with artists on a project by project basis. This tends to mean meeting first to see if the material, and what Nick and the studio can bring to the project, is the right fit for everyone involved.

Rates are flexible and worked out and agree beforehand during the initial meeting and can usually cater for most budgets.

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